Focused is Periscope's monthly get together for the photography industry in Berlin.

The event is held monthly as an opportunity for photographers, their suppliers and their clients, to get together and chat over a glass of wine, or a good beer.

Focused is a reliable, regular event on which to make new contacts and catch up with old colleagues and clients. Colleagues, friends, partners, international visitors - everyone is welcome.

No rules. No agendas. No portfolios. No pressure.

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Influencer Conference (InfluencerCon) is the first of its kind global content platform that seeks to identify, understand and support influencer culture globally. By gathering tastemakers/influencers in the arts, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and technology InfluencerCon establishes itself as the standard bearer of the culture globally. The event presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in authentic influencer culture in all its dimensions.

Influencer participants are selected through an exhaustive search based on their work, ideas and cultural significance. These individuals offer insights into their unique professions, style and culture. They are handpicked based on their knowledge of influencer culture, providing an intimate level of thought leadership resulting in invigorating dialogue and groundbreaking ideas.

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