Tom Stoddart

A pragmatic and talented journalist, Tom Stoddart has photographed many of the world’s major events. From the fighting around the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut during the 1980s, to his documentation of the siege of Sarajevo (1992 – 1995) to the AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa, his astonishing images have consistently taken magazine and newspaper readers that much closer to the heart of the matter. 

Tom’s modesty, humility and compassion for his fellow man have helped him produce images that speak for those with little voice. The campaigning nature of his long-term projects, books and exhibitions – like Edge of Madness (photography from Sarajevo, 1991-95), iWITNESS (worldwide observations, 1980-2004) and “AIDS in Africa” (1995 to today) – confirm his status as one of the most respected international photojournalists working today. 

Tom’s commitment to showing serious world issues continues to be the bedrock of his professional life. Tom was presented with the prestigious Honorary Fellowship Award by the Royal Photographic Society in recognition of his achievements and contributions to photography.

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