Fashion tips for paranormal heroine


When you hear about a paranormal heroine, many people think about fictional characters. The truth is that whether you think it is real or not, there is an image that comes to mind according to paranormal 2012 study. Paranormal heroines are usually portrayed as females who hunt ghosts and other paranormal creatures. Their mode of dressing is supposed to represent the work that they do. When you hear about paranormal heroines, you always associate it with dark colors because their work is about being in the dark. If you want to dress like a paranormal heroine, here are tips to keep in mind.

How to dress like a paranormal heroine

Leather always works

The leather is always seen as a tough material when it comes to fashion. When dressing as a paranormal heroine, you need to show the toughness, and the only way to do this is by dressing in leather. Some of the ideas to keep in mind is using a leather jacket, leather pants or even a leather skirt. It will also be a good idea if the leather that you use is black because this will even portray the effect well. There are various designs to choose from depending on your taste.


Stay away from white

You can never talk about hunting down the ghost and then show up wearing something white. Hunting ghost is all about being in the dark just like the ghost. The best way to enhance the idea is by wearing something black. When you wear black, you will be able to blend with the darkness and no one will be able to see you. The whole idea is hunting in the background without being seen. A white color will always pop up in the darkness so stay away from white and anything bright.


Accessories are an important part when it comes to paranormal clothing. You need to be ready for the part, and the best way to do it is by wearing the right accessories. For instance, some of the best accessories include spiked leather chokers, spiked leather wrist bands, and other accessories. All these are meant to bring out the true image of a ghost hunter.



Makeup will also help you bring out the final look. Just like the clothes, stay away from the glamorous makeup and stick with the dark makeup just like the clothes that you will be wearing on that day.…