There is nothing more stylish than confidence which a man can wear. Also, there is nothing that can speak confidence the way a nice wristwatch does. We don’t want to be biased and say watches are for men and not women. But we won’t talk about women because they don’t fret over their watches. If they like a watch, they will buy it. They will spend the same amount of time choosing a watch how they would on a nice pair of earrings.

On the other hand, a man will very carefully take a decision of when he should give up his “high school watch” and move onto something that shows, “I’m ready to take over the world.” Choosing the best men watches can be quite a task for any guy.

How to identify and buy your first watch

Choose your brand wisely

watchSince this is the start of you buying watches for yourself, ensure not to go overboard. There are watches which start from $50 to $70 and some watches which go up to $1500-$2000. Choose a reasonable watch and what suits your age. If you’re going to start your first job or going for your first interview then wearing a Rolex or a Rado will only distract others.

Go for a subtle design

Avoid anything flashy because that is inappropriate especially when you’re in a formal setting. If you’re an artist, then you can also go for a sporty look. It’s all about what suits your personality. Try to buy a design that can go well with a nice blazer and also stands out in case you were to attend a work party later in the night. It’s all about simplicity. Don’t go for colorful bands because that is not very subtle and you will eventually get bored of it. Go for classy colors like black, brown, blue or metallic straps.

Select a medium sized dial

watchNow you have to choose a dial that doesn’t make your hand look too small or too big. Always buy a dial which can fit under your sleeve and something that does not look too heavy as a rock. Talking about heavy, go for a lightweight watch because you don’t want to make the watch weigh you down unnecessarily. This should help you shortlist some good watches for yourself. Always remember that a good watch tells your personality to others especially when you’re trying to make a good first impression.