Why Women Fancy Wearing Makeups

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Most women would invest in anything that makes them look attractive. It is a woman thing to be at their best whenever they can, and wearing makeup is one way that you can look attractive. Women have consistently had makeup products in their arsenal since the dawn of human civilization. So why do women wear makeup? Most people think that it is all about enhancing their looks. But there could be more to this fact.

cosmetic productsIf makeup products fascinate you, like most women, the chances are that you might shop for makeup products often. For starters, it would best if you settled for quality makeup products. Wearing the right makeup will make you feel a lot better. Getting the right products means that you should get your preferences right. How do you choose the right product? How do you order Avon online with an Avon Representative? Your answers should ultimately lead you to the right products. That said, here are some reasons why women wear makeup. 

Boosts Confidence

Most women are born looking good, but they are often looking for ways to enhance the features that their mama gave them. If you have some facial features that you are not comfortable with, the chances are that you would be looking for a way to conceal them. Good looks have the effect of making women feel confident.  

You Can Change the Way You Look

You might have come across some makeup transformation tips. Makeup application is an art that can be used to transform your looks. From simple everyday makeup to a complete makeover during the wedding, there are just countless ways to transform a girl’s looks. 

Aids in Self Expression

For a long time, makeups have been used as a tool for self-expression. Whether you choose to have dark lips or nude ones, dark eye shadows, or pastel colors, there are different ways that makeups can be used in aiding self-expression. makeup application

Makes them Attractive

Women have been using makeup to appeal to the opposite sex. A flawless skin has the effect of making a woman look healthy and appealing. Men have different preferences as far as makeup application is concerned. Therefore it would help if you understood their choice. Besides looking good, it helps feeling great on the inside. 

Tips for Buying Hair Care Products

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Buying hair products can be an overwhelming experience, especially with all the available options out there. However, finding the perfect one should not be that hard if you know what to do and where to look. Note that different people have different hair conditions and needs, which is why it is vital to know what your hair shafts and scalp need. Those with dry shafts can either buy products designed to moisturize or try home oil-based home remedies. Those with an oily scalp, on the other hand, needs more professional care as this type of hair is prone to damages. Either way, understanding what you need is the key to finding the best products. You can also follow the tips below as it explains more about how you can find your hair’s soulmate products.

Professional Advice

If you care about your hair and how it looks, professional advice is something that you urgently need. You can get free advice by visiting a beauty parlor and pay for the hairstyling service. The hairstylists will be more than happy to answer all your questions about the condition of your hair and which brands to use. As they are the ones with experience and knowledge, they will likely suggest their favorite brands for you. Then, the choice is yours. Whether or not you follow their suggestion, note that it should not be your final consideration. For the next, what you need is further inquiries.


Coming up with a brand name to buy is not an easy thing. You may feel like finding a good idea after consulting with your hairstylist. However, what works for other people can be a nightmare if you are not careful with what you pick. Further inquiries are what you need at this stage. You need to be familiar with certain brands and products that offer similar functions and formulas. It will help you find the perfect one for your hair. Most products usually come with a series of complete treatments, such as shampoo, conditioner, spray, and mask. One tip for you is that you should inquire more about each product to know how it can affect your hair and look.


It is indeed sad to say, but your hair may need something quite hard to find. You may have bought the most expensive treatment series. But the moment you realize that it has no desired effects whatsoever after a while, you know it is time to find other products. One thing to highlight is that such experiments are normal to find what works for you.…

Benefits Of Dewy Foundation

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One can use makeup to achieve a dewy or a matte skin foundation. The Dewy foundation is popular of the two as it gives the skin a youthful, fresh and natural appearance. To achieve the best dewy skin, one has to put into consideration the foundation chosen. Additionally, the skin must be healthy enough and not dry, uneven and dehydrated. Oily skins are also not a favorite with the dewy foundation as adding a shine onto an oily skin only makes it look greasy.  To achieve a dewy look one must on a regular basis cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize their skin. Making this a habit may assist one to achieve the dewy look fast, and it lasts for longer and allows the dewy foundation to have the following benefits;

Radiant skin

makeup tools

The best dewy foundation allows one to have a flawless moisture skin that looks naturally fresh and dewy. The dewy foundation finish uses natural oils that reflect light on the facial surface thereby creating the desired radiance. The dewy foundation gives an attractive look especially in well-lighted houses and is fit for camera shoots as it gives one a flawless beautiful and natural face. Moreover, with the dewy foundation, the skin attains some vibrancy making it look young and fresh.

Achieves a flawless skin

The dewy foundation covers up the skin easily hence improving the appearance which assists one to hide wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes that occur on the face. The dewy foundation gives the skin a necessary radiance that shows a proper balance of a dry or oily skin. To some extent, the dewy foundation is believed to have anti-aging benefits.

Protects the skin

A dewy foundation provides the perfect skin cover and acts to protect the exposure of the skin to multiple pollutants and the sun which would damage the skin. Therefore, the dewy foundation serves a greater purpose of ensuring that the skin is well protected from environmental hazards that may cause aging thereby allowing it to remain supple, well hydrated, clean and beautifully young.

Compliments the skin type


The dewy foundation is purposely designed to complement the user’s skin type especially those with non-oily skins. This, therefore, gives the skin an even skin tone which makes one look beautiful and young. Moreover, it allows the skin to stay well hydrated as it prevents loss of moisture from the skin. As a result, the dewy foundation gives the skin a smooth appearance and amplifies the facial contour of an individual.

Tips to becoming more beautiful


We have all come across the saying, ‘beauty lies deep within, ‘ but some of us are still not satisfied. The ladies are even more affected when it comes to physical appearance than gentlemen. The worst part is that we only feel beautiful when members of the opposite sex give their positive opinion about our beauty. It’s time someone told ladies the truth about beauty that has been hidden from them for a long time. Uniqueness is the first aura of beauty that is mostly ignored and should be seconded by everyone. Society has a role to play in backing up this excellent campaign in honour of the modern woman by avoiding the awkward stares and glances any time a woman with weight issues passes by. She is unique and special in her ways.

Tips to becoming more beautiful

Ladies, you will never realize how beautiful you are unless you learn to appreciate yourself for who you are and be yourself. Don’t try to be someone that you are not; it will not do you any good. Here’s more;


beautifulSometimes the hair that covers our bodies may become hard to manage. When this happens, you may find it a bit difficult to maintain your beauty and good looks. When this happens, you need not worry as there is always a solution. Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes all the unwanted hair. Waxing Denver can be of great relief for you. If you have this problem, be sure to check out waxing spa.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is your body’s way of recharging in readiness for the next day’s busy activities. Failure to which could result in eye bags and general fatigue.

Eat right

You are what you eat. Forget all those lies about skipping meals and eating less to be beautiful. Incorporate your diet with all the necessary nutrients that will work wonders on your skin.

Smile more often

Smiles are the best and most natural ways to maintain that youthful skin that will reflect your inner glow. Even when things get so thick, find that one thing or two that put a smile on your face.


Sometime aside between you and your Maker will make things even better for you both physically and spiritually. The reflection of His glory on your countenance will draw people to you and ask what your big secret is.

Beauty is a gift

We tend to ignore this gift very often as we try to keep up with the society’s expectation of us. While trying to live up to its demands, we even forget that we have a moral obligation to ourselves that we neglect. With time, we stop living and realize that we are no longer in charge and we don’t have a sat on what happens in our life.

Ladies should realize that beauty is a gift given to everyone but wrapped and packaged differently. This variety is what makes life itself so beautiful. If only we could look into our souls and see all the rich treasures that our Maker has graciously bestowed on us, we’d stop seeking unnecessary validation from outside sources, mostly the men. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are every morning. You need to hear it from yourself right before you hear it from someone else’ lips.

Beauty is not in the makeup we wear

makeupLadies, ever asked you what happens when it rained so unexpectedly and all your makeup got washed away in the middle of it all? My point is, don’t pin all your hopes of a beautiful complexion on your makeup; it only enhances your natural beauty.

Never forget, you are fearfully and wonderfully made no matter what they say about you so always keep your head up.…

Fashion ideas to accentuate your personality – Guy Talk


Buying fashion products is a continuous activity that people engage in on a daily basis. It is always of great importance to take advantage of different promotional offers to get the best deals. Buying fashion products online is the best option you have if you are looking for the best deals using money off codes. Furthermore, it will also help you accentuate your personality. Here are some valuable tips for men seeking to use fashion to bring out their personalities.

Great fashion ideas for skinny men

Avoid clothes that make you look frail

The best fashion idea for skinny men is to avoid clothes that make them look clothesweak. When shopping forclothes, you should look for clothes that create a stronger impression. You should avoid oversize clothes for they will make you look frail. As a tip, you should first visit a tailor to get your measurements so that you can buy clothes that will fit you well. When buying clothes online, you should insist on the precise measurements that fit your body since you will not have a chance of trying the clothes before you buy them.

Wear multiple layers

Another great fashion idea that can help you make the best out of you is wearing multiple layers. You should consider wearing multiple layers as a way of boosting your personality. You will not only create a unique character but also work to build a good body impression. As a tip, you should ensure that the colors of what you are wearing coordinate well. Coordination of colors is an important thing that boosts personality.

Fabric that adds bulk to your frame

skinny manIf you are a skinny man, you should consider wearing fabric that will add bulk to your frame. If you choose the right fabric, you can be sure of adding some visual bulk. As a tip, you should consider textured fabrics for they give illusions of one having more mass. Some of the leading fabrics that you should consider include corduroy, denim, flannel, glen check, and tweed.

Colors that boost visual heft

One of the greatest fashion ideas for a skinny man is to wear colors that boost visual heft. Color is an important element in fashion, and there is no way you can ignore it. As a man, you should wear colors that boost visual heft. The most valuable tip here is to wear white or other light colors for they work well to accentuate the definition of your body.…

A small guide to designer handbag replicas


Ever since the ages of the Ancient Greece, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations, jewel encrusted and bead embroidered handbags have been considered by many as symbols of status and wealth. These days, things have changed, but not by a lot. Modern Designer and Fashion handbags are now globally popular on a monumental scale. Dozens upon dozens of famous designers and design houses are now in the business of offering their own custom lines of purses and handbags. With so much competition, each of them put great efforts in attracting new customers, as well as vying for a larger share in this constantly increasing market. Famous and popular designers such as Chanel, Coach and Louis Vuitton, offer a wide range of selections, which number in thousands of various fashion items.

With all this in mind, it can be safe to say that designer handbags are no longer considered as luxurious and exclusive options for the wealthy, but instead as an essential element of every woman’s fashion wardrobe.

The costs of original handbags

costsHowever, there is still one notable obstacle that stands between the majority of customers and these designer creations. It is not a secret that a lot of customers still have problems affording these handbags. An original and authentic Vuitton, Hermes or Prada handbag is usually priced in the range of several thousands of dollars. For the majority of average fashion-conscious customers, these prices are simply out of their reach.

High-quality replicas

Since authentic designer handbags can cost thousands of dollars and be out of reach for many average shoppers, how come we can still see these handbags on almost every other woman, everywhere we look? Well, the answer is quite simple. The vast majority of designer handbags we see being carried by many women are actually replicas. These replicas are sold for a fraction of the original’s cost and can be afforded by almost any shopper.

Their is designer Inspired Louis Vuitton replicas, or replicas of other famous designer handbags can wildly range in quality from the obviously fake, low-quality ones to the perfect, “mirror” replicas that are virtually indistinguishable from the original ones, both in the production methods and the materials used.

How to find the good ones?

Some recent studies have shown that almost 90% of all Louis Vuitton handbags on the market are actually replicas. If you are on a lookout for a good replica, you might find yourself confused as to which ones are good and which ones are not. To get a clearer picture, keep in mind that replicas can be broken down into three basic categories.

A+ Replicas

These replicas are usually of the above-average quality. Their details and handcrafts are nice, as well as the textures. In general, they feel and look up-market. Some of the common materials used for A+ replicas include solid fabrics, top layer leather, and high-quality hardware.

Super A replicas

The majority of these replicas are made exclusively from imported leather. Their manufacturing process is very sophisticated and advanced, with sizes and patterns being checked carefully. Their overall look is almost completely identical to the originals. Also, they are of high quality and reasonably priced as well.

7 Star replicas

original handbagsThese handbags are also known as “Mirror” or “1:1” replicas, as they look like perfect copies of the original ones. The stitching and the production methods used are exactly the same, and they use the same fabrics, canvasses, and leathers. In addition, many of these replicas incorporate various exotic materials, such as deerskin, crocodile skin, lamb or calf skin.…

Fashion tips for paranormal heroine


When you hear about a paranormal heroine, many people think about fictional characters. The truth is that whether you think it is real or not, there is an image that comes to mind according to paranormal 2012 study. Paranormal heroines are usually portrayed as females who hunt ghosts and other paranormal creatures. Their mode of dressing is supposed to represent the work that they do. When you hear about paranormal heroines, you always associate it with dark colors because their work is about being in the dark. If you want to dress like a paranormal heroine, here are tips to keep in mind.

How to dress like a paranormal heroine

Leather always works

The leather is always seen as a tough material when it comes to fashion. When dressing as a paranormal heroine, you need to show the toughness, and the only way to do this is by dressing in leather. Some of the ideas to keep in mind is using a leather jacket, leather pants or even a leather skirt. It will also be a good idea if the leather that you use is black because this will even portray the effect well. There are various designs to choose from depending on your taste.


Stay away from white

You can never talk about hunting down the ghost and then show up wearing something white. Hunting ghost is all about being in the dark just like the ghost. The best way to enhance the idea is by wearing something black. When you wear black, you will be able to blend with the darkness and no one will be able to see you. The whole idea is hunting in the background without being seen. A white color will always pop up in the darkness so stay away from white and anything bright.


Accessories are an important part when it comes to paranormal clothing. You need to be ready for the part, and the best way to do it is by wearing the right accessories. For instance, some of the best accessories include spiked leather chokers, spiked leather wrist bands, and other accessories. All these are meant to bring out the true image of a ghost hunter.



Makeup will also help you bring out the final look. Just like the clothes, stay away from the glamorous makeup and stick with the dark makeup just like the clothes that you will be wearing on that day.…

Periscope | Home

Periscope Creative is proud to lead the way in a new style of photographic management.


We are proud to represent some of the world’s finest photographic talents.
Production / Line Production

Our clients enjoy access to our global network, providing them with the best possible oversight on productions, almost anywhere.
Art Buying

Our in-depth knowledge of the photographic market is regularly called upon to consult on exactly which photographer to choose and to manage that process.
Freelance Project Conceptualisation

Conceptualisation and pre-sale market testing of a photographer’s ideas is vital to choosing which projects to invest in, and which not to.

With nearly 10 years of syndication experience, Periscope has established Sportfolio, the world’s first collection of the best extraordinary sport photography.
Periscope Creative GmbH was Established in 2007 by Luke Lalor and Tim Rhodes.…

Best breast enlargement tips


Most women are conscious about how they look. Women want to be both appealing and presentable. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of products to make women meet their demands. One of the major concerns women have is making their breasts look bigger. Most women opt for breast enlargement products. Click on the highlighted link for more information on the breast enlargement uk. In case you want to make your breasts look fuller and firm, here are some breast enlargement tips that you can use.

Best tips

Breast exercises

underwearBreast exercise is one of the tips you can use to have the breasts that you desire. Furthermore, the method is safe and cheap. You can do it at home. There are certain exercises that you can do to get firm breasts. Some of the breast exercises you can do are; arm circles where you have to hold light weights in each hand and extend your arms to reach your shoulder, wall press where you have to stand in front of a wall and lean towards the wall until your face touches it. Performing this exercise will help you improve the way your breasts look.

Breast massage

The other tip that you can use is breast massage. Massage stimulates blood flow to your breast. Not only does massage make your breast appear bigger; but it is also important for your overall health. Brest massage will help tone your breasts, and check whether there are cysts. To massage your breast the proper way; you should rub your breast in a circular motion. Your hands should move from the outside of your body towards the middle. You need to use either breast cream or oil to massage your breasts. If you want to get results, then you should massage your breasts every day for 15 minutes.

Breast enhancement pills

underwearUsing breast enhancement pills is also another way to increase your breast size. The pills will balance the hormones in your body. Some of the herbal medicines you can use are; Ginkgo biloba, Dong Quai root, blessed thistle and ginseng among others.

Apart from giving you fuller breasts, the herbal pills will promote your overall health. Make sure that you choose a breast enhancement pill after checking it out properly. You do not want to buy enlargement pills only for it to disappoint. It is also advisable that you follow the prescriptions given by the doctor. You will get the results you want by using the pills as required.…

How to find the right watch for you


A watch is a statement item, and it represents your personality. People can easily tell the kind of person that you are just by looking at your watch. With the development of phones and smart technology, only a few people wear watches. It is quite refreshing to see someone wearing a watch these days. Wearing a watch shows that you are grounded and responsible. You don’t have to take out your phone every time you want to check the time. With a good wrist watch, from Watch & Bullion In Gibraltar you will draw positive attention to yourself.

Which watch is right for you?

The stainless steel watch for the boss

For professionals in the corporate setting, a good stainless steel is the best option. The best thing is most of these watches are unisex, and both men and women can wear them. Stainless steel is ideal for you if you command the boardroom or you are the boss. The watch will give you the professional look without compromising on power. Steel is a strong and tough material, and this is what you should reflect as the boss. When looking for a stainless steel watch, look for one that has a clear cut, easy to read and also consider simplicity.


Casual and laid back watch

Some people work in a casual setting, and they still need a watch. If your job is casual, then you need a watch that brings out the laid back look. With casual watches, the choices are limitless. You have the freedom to choose a watch that blend with your personality. For instance, we have the canvas watches, the silicone watch and also the leather strap watch. It is about telling the world the kind of person you are through your watch.

Tactical and sports watch

The tactical and sports watch is for the people who are passionate about the outdoors or for the sports people. You will realize that many people who are in the military have a tactical watch because they need it at work. Camping and hiking enthusiast also need a tactical watch for direction.


The smart watch for the tech guy

The geeks and tech guys need a watch that represents their personality. Today we have smart watches that can do almost everything that a smartphone can do. If you are one of the people obsessed with technology, then you need a smart watch to satisfy your thirst for technology.…

Determining Candidates For Labia Reduction Surgery

Labia reduction surgery is a procedure that is mainly used to trim the labia to its normal size. This procedure mainly lasts less than one hour. This procedure is typically done to women. Labia minora is the inner lips of the skin that cover the vaginal opening. It is not visible mostly when the woman stands with her legs together. This is because it is tucked inside the labia minora which is the outer set.

Labiaplasty is getting a lot of buzz these days, and for good reason. This procedure can help women who have concerns about the size, shape and appearance of their vaginal lips.

To determine who is and who is not a good candidate for labiaplasty, it is helpful to first identify some of the issues that the procedure addresses. Labiaplasty can correct the problems caused by distended labia as they relate to aesthetic appearance and also physical discomfort. On the other hand, a woman who has concerns regarding sexual satisfaction may not be a good candidate for labiaplasty.

With that in mind, women with the following concerns are likely good candidates for a labiaplasty procedure:

There are some of the women that have a large labia. A tight cloth can chafe it or cause some pain during the sexual intercourse. That is why it is important to do some labia reduction surgery. There are a lot of methods that are used depending on the thickness and the size of the labia.

Methods of labia reduction

The physicians mostly prefer two main methods. Central wedge resection technique and the edge resection technique are the methods that are used for labia reduction. Central wedge resection technique removes a wedge from the tissue. Edge resection technique is used to trim the excess skin. These are the major methods that are used in labia reduction surgery. It is, therefore, essential to be familiar with them.

Julie Strickland, MD, MPH the chair of ACOG’s Adolescent Health Care Committee and lead author of the Committee Opinion, told Cosmopolitan.com that adolescents may be under particular stress to conform to societal conceptions of the “ideal” body, and size and shape of the labia in particular may be particularly distressing to adolescents. She advises, “Labiaplasty is not a minor procedure. And, as with any surgery, there is a risk of serious complications like pain, painful scarring, infection, etc. Also, we have no long-term data about delayed complications when these procedures are done in adolescents. Furthermore, the effects on sexual functioning are completely unknown.”


There are some of the benefits that women experience after the labia reduction surgery. It is important to know that during the labia reduction surgery, most of the women experience less pain. Also, after the surgery, the size of the labia reduces. You should, therefore, be happy and comfortable since the labia should no longer be visible. Also, during sex, most women report an increase in sexual pressure because the labia is no longer chafed during sexual intercourse.


It is important to consider this aspect when you are planning for surgery. You need to know the exact time you will take to recover after the surgery. It is crucial to note that the recovery is not affected by any technique that the physician may choose. After the surgery, you will only take three to four days for you to recover. And most of the women can have sexual intercourse after four weeks. Dr. Dweck says some women’s labia minora (the inner lips) are so voluminous (aka have a lot of size and volume) that they have trouble putting a tampon in, or experience inflammation or painful sex or chafing, and those can be true indications that you’re a good candidate for labiaplasty. The other indication is if someone is truly psychologically distraught by the appearance of their own labia, and that distress is not due to another psychological issue (such as body image issues they might have in general, which she says a lot of women who come in to have the procedure are struggling with). Also, sometimes there are women who have one labia that is enlarged and the other one isn’t, which could be indication that you need the treatment if it’s problematic


With labia reduction surgery, there are rare cases of risks that are involved with the surgery. However, in rare instances, some women may experience damage or develop scars. Also, the largest risk of the procedure is the infection. This, therefore, is a piece of crucial information that you are likely to know before and after the surgery.

Labia reduction surgery also known as labiaplasty is a procedure that is mainly used to trim the labia to its normal size. This procedure mainly lasts less than one hour. This procedure is typically done to women. Labia minora is the inner lips of the skin that cover the vaginal opening. It is not visible mostly when the woman stands with her legs together. This is because it is tucked inside the labia majora which is the outer set. Therefore ensure that you consider these factors before you make any choice…

Ladies Handbags

ladies handbags

For ladies, handbags are no less important than the designer dress or the matching accessories. Designer handbags or clutches have long been treated as accessories that determine your fashion statement and also reflect your taste and personality. Now that popular and reputed international brands have started manufacturing designer bags, the ladies’ craving for the designer handbags from esteemed brands is quite obvious. Even newly emerged brands that manufacture and sell out genuinely good, stylish and fashionable handbags and clutches and other ladies accessories have become very popular within a very short period.

Factors to consider

Select your brand first

ladies handbagsLadies are more loyal to brands than they are to their partners. An instance of ladies changing brands very often is rare. Visit just any online store, and you’ll notice that there is an option to search items by brands. That every store makes it a point to offer brand based search facility reveals the brand-mania of the consumers, especially the ladies. So, when you are going to buy online ladies handbags, search for the items of your preferred brand. This will narrow your search, saving time and energy for you.

The store that you choose for buying online ladies handbags must be reputed and trusted

Before you make your final choice about the online store, you should browse through the website and consider every aspect minutely so that you can figure out how reliable the store is. To be sure about the reputation of the store, you can do a little research and find what reviews or feedbacks its previous clients have left. Brighten up your arm candy with our must-have range of ladies’ handbags, perfect for keeping your belongings stylishly hidden. Shop your favourite designer handbags and find the perfect party-ready clutch, simple tote and practical shoulder bag to carry your essentials for any occasion.

Embrace an inspired look with our range of designer bags for women from popular brands including Aspinal of London, Mulberry and Radley. Browse our selection of designer handbags in a variety of colours from classic black, white and grey, to stylish red, silver and pink.
Avoid offers too good to believe

ladies handbagWhen you buy online ladies handbags, you will find most websites offering exciting discounts and free gifts. Offers are always exciting. However, you have to look before you leap. Certain offers or discounts are too good to be true, and you should always avoid those deals. Manufacturers often offer unbelievable discounts so that they can sell out the remaining lots which they otherwise could not have sold. You may not be able to prove that these products are inferior in quality. They may be good. However, there remains that chance that they are not as good as they are thought or expected to be, considering the manufacturing brands. Why take a chance?

Return facilities

Choose an online store with specific return policies. Genuine online stores, no matter what they deal with, have return facilities. They do not charge extra money in case you return an item you have bought. You can buy another bag of your choice from that very store. But, you should make sure that there is no chance of suffering a loss.

Despite what you might assume, we here at Shoe Zone don’t just sell shoes at affordable prices. We also sell the accessories you’ll need to complete that outfit in style, including great value handbags like the ones you see here. Size is all-important when selecting a handbag. If you’re looking for something to take on a long day out, then a spacious tote bag is essential. If you’re going on a night out, however, you’ll want something that’s compact enough that it won’t get in your way. In this section, you’ll find handbags for women in a variety of different sizes and styles, so whatever occasion you have in mind, you’ll have a bag to fit it. Cross-body bags are great for taking around town with their handy shoulder strap, and our range comes decorated with a variety of different bold colours schemes and floral adornments. On the other hand, you might be more interested in little black purses and clutch bags. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something to fit here – and like all the items we sell, each of the ladies bags here comes with free standard delivery. If you’re in the market for a cheap handbag, in other words, look no further!

The Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs


When buying make up brushes, consider whether the bristles are natural or synthetic: softer is better with regards to bristles, and it pays to feel the brush in your hand to check the weight, handle length and the make quality before buying.

Best makeup brushes

Bobbi brown full coverage face touch up brush

;The bristles are all around pressed for good pigmentation, sufficiently tender for use under the eye. Apply dots of your concealer where you require a touch of additional help and mix away for quick streak scope. It likewise works well to touch up foundation during the day around the nose and other regions where you see wear.

Tom ford cream foundation brush

Tom Ford’s brushes are in the luxury classification, with glossy handles, sumptuous cream bristles and, unfortunately, a sticker price to coordinate. If you’re just going to get one, make it the make-up craftsman’s top choice, the Cream Foundation Brush, which not just applies cream and stick easily, but at the same time is excellent for mixing in concealer and buffing out unintentionally brutal lines in molding or become flushed.

Genuine techniques core collection

The Real Techniques extend from make-up craftsman and popular for its elite and low costs. Make a start with this face brush set, which contains a liquid foundation brush, a buffing brush for powder or cream foundations, a form brush, and subtle elements brush for an additional scope coverage.

Nars smudge brush

Multitasking brushes get a major tick from me, and this is the ideal illustration. Its short, thick bristles do every one of the essentials of a smokey eye brush: pressing serious shading onto tops, squeezing eyeshadow along the lash line and smearing out eyeliner. It additionally makes an excellent filling in sharp eyebrows.

Laura Mercier Angled Eye Liner Brush

brushIt’s entirely brilliant. The odd-looking wrinkle in the handle and thin, long bristles permit you to get the lashes to apply with precision and scope out into slick flicks toward the end.

Charlotte tilbury powder and sculpt brush

The bud-molded head is perfect for sculpting cheeks and smaller regions, for example, the nose with bronzer, and for clearing highlighter over cheek and temples bones for a delicate, natural-looking form. It is useful for applying powder with the foundation to any regions that need it, without building up your whole face unnecessarily. I cherish that the f’aceted handle implies it won’t move off your wardrobe.…