A small guide to designer handbag replicas


Ever since the ages of the Ancient Greece, Egypt, and other ancient civilizations, jewel encrusted and bead embroidered handbags have been considered by many as symbols of status and wealth. These days, things have changed, but not by a lot. Modern Designer and Fashion handbags are now globally popular on a monumental scale. Dozens upon dozens of famous designers and design houses are now in the business of offering their own custom lines of purses and handbags. With so much competition, each of them put great efforts in attracting new customers, as well as vying for a larger share in this constantly increasing market. Famous and popular designers such as Chanel, Coach and Louis Vuitton, offer a wide range of selections, which number in thousands of various fashion items.

With all this in mind, it can be safe to say that designer handbags are no longer considered as luxurious and exclusive options for the wealthy, but instead as an essential element of every woman’s fashion wardrobe.

The costs of original handbags

costsHowever, there is still one notable obstacle that stands between the majority of customers and these designer creations. It is not a secret that a lot of customers still have problems affording these handbags. An original and authentic Vuitton, Hermes or Prada handbag is usually priced in the range of several thousands of dollars. For the majority of average fashion-conscious customers, these prices are simply out of their reach.

High-quality replicas

Since authentic designer handbags can cost thousands of dollars and be out of reach for many average shoppers, how come we can still see these handbags on almost every other woman, everywhere we look? Well, the answer is quite simple. The vast majority of designer handbags we see being carried by many women are actually replicas. These replicas are sold for a fraction of the original’s cost and can be afforded by almost any shopper.

Their is designer Inspired Louis Vuitton replicas, or replicas of other famous designer handbags can wildly range in quality from the obviously fake, low-quality ones to the perfect, “mirror” replicas that are virtually indistinguishable from the original ones, both in the production methods and the materials used.

How to find the good ones?

Some recent studies have shown that almost 90% of all Louis Vuitton handbags on the market are actually replicas. If you are on a lookout for a good replica, you might find yourself confused as to which ones are good and which ones are not. To get a clearer picture, keep in mind that replicas can be broken down into three basic categories.

A+ Replicas

These replicas are usually of the above-average quality. Their details and handcrafts are nice, as well as the textures. In general, they feel and look up-market. Some of the common materials used for A+ replicas include solid fabrics, top layer leather, and high-quality hardware.

Super A replicas

The majority of these replicas are made exclusively from imported leather. Their manufacturing process is very sophisticated and advanced, with sizes and patterns being checked carefully. Their overall look is almost completely identical to the originals. Also, they are of high quality and reasonably priced as well.

7 Star replicas

original handbagsThese handbags are also known as “Mirror” or “1:1” replicas, as they look like perfect copies of the original ones. The stitching and the production methods used are exactly the same, and they use the same fabrics, canvasses, and leathers. In addition, many of these replicas incorporate various exotic materials, such as deerskin, crocodile skin, lamb or calf skin.